My Crest Whitestrips is Expired. Can I still use it? | Crest - Dental white strips work after expiration

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Find out if you can still use Crest. So, are teeth whitening strips going to expire at some point in the future? After that date has elapsed, it is generally best to go ahead an buy another box of For instance, they may only work on coffee and cigarette stains.

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By Mell - 23:48
Find out if you can still use Crest Whitestrips if they are expired. we don't recommend using them past their expiration date, as the whitening ingredient's efficacy will be weakened. Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips - Teeth Whitening Kit. Enamel-safe treatment whitens 25x better than a leading whitening.
By Zulkilkree - 12:19
Any knowledge or experience with this is greatly appreciated.​item/usage/my-crest-3d-white-whitestrips-expired-can-i-still-use-it. (hint: Google). level 2. Original Poster2 points · 5 years ago. I'm on mobile and many sites aren't working for whatever reason. If your teeth turn white, they're good.
By Tojall - 14:27
You bought a box of Whitestrips to brighten your teeth for a wedding that never happened. Can you still use them if the box has expired? That depends on what​.
By Fenrishakar - 15:28
Teeth whitening strips do expire (regardless of the brand name and are usually unstable meaning that they come with a definite shelf life.

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